We are delighted that you want to be married at St. Paul’s Memorial Church across from the University of Virginia. Members and non-members of St. Paul’s are welcome to be married at St. Paul’s. Our goal is for you to have a joyous wedding, and a strong and healthy marriage. The following guidelines are designed to assist you as you plan your wedding.

If you are planning on getting married at St. Paul's, you are required to fill out an application form and send it to us. You can print out the form here.


Scheduling and Fees:

To schedule a wedding you must first contact the St. Paul's office (434.295.2156 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to determine the availability of the church sanctuary on the date you are requesting.

Non-members will be charged $2,000, with a $500 non-refundable deposit. The deposit will be refunded only if another wedding party secures the vacated date. Full payment of the remaining amount must be received two weeks prior to your wedding. These fees can be reduced for hardship by approval of the Rector of St. Paul’s.

Rental of the church includes a “bridal room” and “groom’s room” for dressing, the vesting sacristy, and the sanctuary. Rental is for three hours for the wedding and one hour for rehearsal the day or evening prior. Other times, and extensions, can be negotiated if available.

It should be understood that the church is not available for weddings on Sunday mornings or major liturgical days (Christmas, Holy Week, Easter). We ask that you not schedule a wedding, or rehearsal, before 10 a.m. on a Saturday. Weddings on Sunday afternoons can present scheduling difficulties.

Once you have set a date for your wedding, and the church has agreed to that date, your reservation will be secured only when St. Paul’s receives your deposit.

If you wish to use the parish hall for a reception, an additional rental fee is required ($500 for members, $1,000 for non-members). If you use the parish hall for a reception, non-members must also show proof of $100,000 in liability insurance for use of the building. Such proof typically can be obtained as a rider to homeowners’ insurance.

Additional charges apply for church musicians. An organist may be available to provide music for your wedding at a price to be determined by the organist. Contact the church office for information. Any guest organist that you wish to have play must be approved by St. Paul's.


We are an Episcopal Church, and you are welcome to have an Episcopal priest preside at your wedding, subject to his or her availability (see below). Note: Rental of the church building for your wedding does not include a presider for your wedding; you must make separate arrangements for a presider.

You are welcome to invite your own priest, minister or other officiant to preside at your wedding. You may have a presider from a non-Christian tradition, including rabbis, judicial officials and others, subject to approval of the Rector of St. Paul's. It is up to you to find a presider for your wedding and you must obtain permission from the Rector for a non-St. Paul's presider well in advance of your wedding.

Note: Church symbols may not be removed or veiled for non-Christian weddings; the Holy Table and baptismal font may not be moved.

Other important items for you to be aware of as you plan your wedding:
  • It is customary for you to directly pay an honorarium to your presider. The suggested range is $200-$300.
  • Parking is extremely limited at St. Paul’s. There is a pay-for-parking structure next door to St. Paul’s but you will need to make arrangements with the owner of the structure for use of that parking lot. Contact: Piedmont Virginia Parking Company, 434.295.7836.
  • Before you set your wedding date, you are advised to check whether there are other large events in the neighborhood that could create traffic congestion or other challenges, such as a football game on the same day as your wedding.
  • We are unable to provide programs for your wedding. Please arrange to have them printed elsewhere.

Other requirements:

It is your responsibility to complete all legal marriage requirements of the Commonwealth of Virginia, including obtaining a marriage license. St. Paul’s reserves the right to cancel your wedding, with no fee refunds, for failure to complete all lawful requirements for marriage in Virginia. You must provide your marriage license one week in advance of your wedding to the church office so we can complete the sections we are required to complete.

Should you have a presider from a non-Episcopal tradition, it is up to you to complete all requirements for marriage in that tradition or jurisdiction. St. Paul’s and its clergy will not intervene in any disputes outside of our ecclesiastical jurisdiction.

Episcopal weddings:

Should you wish to have an Episcopal priest from St. Paul’s preside at your wedding, or another Episcopal priest from another parish, you will need to make those arrangements yourself. If you have an Episcopal priest preside at your wedding, you and your priest are required to adhere to all of the canons and regulations of the Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Virginia. Visiting Episcopal priests are subject to approval of the Rector of St. Paul’s, and if from outside the Diocese of Virginia, a visiting priest must obtain a license from the Bishop of Virginia. Episcopal Church marriage requirements include:

  • At least one of the persons being married must be a baptized Christian.
  • If one of the persons being married is divorced, permission must be obtained for re-marriage from the Bishop of Virginia. The bishop typically requires that the divorce must be final for at least one year before permission is sought for re-marriage.
  • A marriage ceremony in the Episcopal Church is a sacramental rite. The permissibility of photographers and videographers is at the discretion of the presider. If so permitted, we request that photographers and videographers honor the solemnity of the liturgy by working as discreetly as possible and without interfering with the ceremony. The use of artificial lighting by videographers is not permitted.
  • Episcopal priests generally require pre-marriage counseling. It is up to you to work out in advance with your presiding priest how you will complete counseling requirements.
  • You and your priest will design your wedding typically using the marriage rite of the Book of Common Prayer. We strongly suggest that you work with your priest well in advance of your wedding and remain in regular communication throughout your wedding planning.


Worship Schedule

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5:30 p.m. Holy Communion
9:00 p.m. Compline
8:00 a.m. Morning Prayer
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Holy Communion
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Evening Prayer

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